As an enthusiastic Train Simulator user I started developing scenarios in 2016. The process of making a scenario is cumbersome, you must remember a lot of things by hand, so you find your self writing down arrival times at destinations of the player train, but also for ai traffic. This process repeats itself multiple times for one scenario.

Being a software developer I started development of ThirdRails to help me with that for my own use. (That version (roughly)  became last week the TRM Beta)

I knew there was another tool out there which showed your train on a  map, so I had no plans to release it for the public.

However a few weeks ago I learned in a discussion on the steam forums that there was a huge enthusiasm about such a tool because the other tool was no longer being developed.  

So I dropped a message about my tool, and well, the rest is history.

Now we have ourself a full blown first version of ThirdRails Map!

If you have an idea, suggestion, bug or issue please let me know via the website, facebook or e-mail. It would be fun to make this a community driven effort.

I am committed to drive this tool forward as long as it is technical wise, and time wise possible.

Have fun with it, and let me know what you think!

Roland Beenhakker aka Beentrain on Steam.

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