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On this page we publish our papers about Delphi.

We have split our papers into logical groups. See the bookmarks at the right of this page for the groups.

If you have a link to an  interesting paper please let us know by e-mail.

SDP Theory papers Delphi Level
arrows.gif (215 bytes)Delphi tips and tricks
In this paper we collect tips and tricks about Delphi. Therefor this paper will be updated regularly.

Last update : 05-01-2000
arrows.gif (215 bytes)Object oriented programming
In this paper we discuss the foundation of the Delphi OOP technology. All the basic OOP features are discussed.
arrows.gif (215 bytes)Delphi VCL programming techniques
In this paper we take a good look at the Delphi Visual Component Library and how it works.
First we'll take a look at the OOP techniques which the VCL uses.

arrows.gif (215 bytes)VCL programming techniques example
Using class references and RTTI and more.
Source code included With source code D5.

arrows.gif (215 bytes)Hooking an event handler example
In this example is shown how you can hook an event handler.
Source code included With source code D5.

arrows.gif (215 bytes)Exception handling in Delphi
In this paper is the exception handling in Delphi discussed and how it can be implemented in applications.
SDP Database papers Level
Delphi database-basics tutorial :

arrows.gif (215 bytes)1 - Delphi and databases : an overview
This paper is the first in a range about Delphi and Databases and discusses how you can connect to a database with Delphi.

arrows.gif (215 bytes)2 - Delphi - database components
This paper looks at all important database components.

arrows.gif (215 bytes)3 - Delphi - database methods en events
This paper handles the database methods and events of the most important database components.

arrows.gif (215 bytes)4. Delphi - Database application building tutorial
In this paper a simple database application is built step-by-step.
Source code included With source code D5.

SDP Component building papers Level
arrows.gif (215 bytes)Tutorial : An numeric Edit control
In this tutorial we build an edit control for numeric input step-by-step. You can find this component also on the  components page of this site where you can download the source.
Source code included With source code D5
More advanced
SDP : Code Tutorials Level
arrows.gif (215 bytes)The walking label
The walking label is a simple application which scrolls a label across your screen like a bulletin board. The use of the following components is shown :
  • TTimer, TTrackbar, TPopupMenu and the TScreen object

Source code included With source code D5

arrows.gif (215 bytes)TreeView demo
This application shows the basic methods and property of the TTreeview component.

Source code included With source code D5

Links to papers / tutorials Author Level
arrows.gif (215 bytes)Essential Pascal
In this online-book is the essence of Pascal discussed by Marco Cantu author of the  'Mastering Delphi' series.
Strong advisable for beginners!
Marco Cantu Beginner
arrows.gif (215 bytes)Essential Delphi
The successor of Essential Pascal is Essential Delphi.A logic step.
Marco Cantu Beginner
arrows.gif (215 bytes)DelphiLand on line lessons
An unique site with on-line lessons which can also be downloaded.
Advisable for beginners and more advanced users.
Guido Festraets Beginner/advanced
arrows.gif (215 bytes)Technical papers
On the site of  Oosterkamp Training and Consultancy are technical Delphi papers for downloading in PDF format.Among them are :
-Writing maintainable applications
-COM....and more.
Oosterkamp TC Beginner/advanced
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